Did you know what the Italian kitchen decor is? Yes, it is typical European kitchen decor that makes the kitchen is not just a place to cook, but also a place to serve and enjoy the delicious cuisine. This time we post about the European kitchen decor in contemporary or modern touch. The modern Italian kitchen decor was performed in a simple yet stylish packaging. It can be seen from the furniture design, colors used and advanced equipment in it. Many Italian kitchen uses palette color, black, brown and white. Below are cool Italian kitchen decors that will help you get inspiration for your new kitchen.

Some of these Italian kitchen decor use
colors of black, red, and white wood. The colors are applied to the kitchen
cabinets, tables and chairs. Especially for wood used in almost all places,
both cabinets, tables, chairs, and even tiles. The typical decor of Europe is
very typical with chic colors and adequate lighting. Therefore, the walls in
this modern kitchen decor are colored with white or lighter color from kitchen
furniture itself. In addition, the type of this Italian kitchen is to have the
perfect lighting to make the room look spacious. However, this lighting should
not be too excessive, must seem warm and soft like the color of kitchen itself.
For countertop and backsplash, you can use marble, ceramic or stainless steel
that looks luxurious and modern and exactly it is easy to clean. And for having
more Italian decoration flavor, adding accessories such as shelves of antique
utensils and drinks bottle will make your kitchen cooler.

Pictures of awesome modern Italian kitchen decor above are very fitting for your inspirations to renovate your shabby and old fashioned kitchen. And red kitchen with curved countertop above very fit for your brave soul. May you be inspired and ready to have stylish kitchen decor for your lovely house.