Cool White Wood Classic Bathroom Vanity

The idea of combining the bathroom vanity with sink is a brilliant idea to overcome the problem of messy and space limitations. In addition, it is also very effective and efficient store your toiletries well and properly. The bathroom vanity designs also vary, ranging from Victorian, classic, modern, post-modern etc. In this occasion, we post the classic bathroom vanity for you lovers of Europe’s typical design.

This special cabinet for storing bathroom equipment comes with a white color. A universal color, neutral, and can be applied with any color according to taste. In other words, the white color will remain cool when combined with any color. This color is also shows positive mood so it is suitable for application in the bathroom. Moreover, it allows us to find the dirt when cleared. The design itself is typical in a classic style that comes with carved and made from natural wood. These wood classic bathroom vanity are horizontal line and square-shaped. All are white except for black tap. One of them uses a marble countertop as a sweetener. The idea of making a mirror doubles as a wall mounted cabinet is also a good idea to increase storage space in the bathroom area. Adding towel hangers also very good for drying towels and avoid humidity that trigger germ. Putting the basket or trash beside the bathroom vanity is good to keep clean in your bathroom area. In order not to impress all in white, you can put the carpet in front of this cool bathroom vanity. But if you do not like it, all-white look in the bathroom will remain cool.

Another idea to make them cooler and get the balance color is by combining white and black color. Such the picture above, the author uses black dot wallpaper, silver wall paint, also flowery tiles. Thus this post, hopefully pictures about the cool white classic wood bathroom vanity above can inspire and add ideas for the interior of your bathroom to be more comfortable and cool.

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